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About Us

At Interchange Network we support, connect and advocate for our inspiring network of trusted disability service providers, to continue to deliver inclusive programs and make a meaningful difference within their communities.

For over 40 years our network has worked to support greater community inclusion and social participation for individuals and families living with disability across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

We focus on empowering organisational members through professional development, resources, networking and marketing, while also supporting their clients, families and local communities to connect and engage.

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      We Support

      our network of respected disability service providers, helping them to deliver meaningful support to the community.

      We Connect

      agencies across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia with volunteers, individuals and families living with a disability.

      We Advocate

      for continuous improvement, and a more inclusive community where participation by all is not only welcomed, it is celebrated.

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      Volunteering with Interchange

      Could you help make a difference in someones life? Get in touch to find out about Volunteering with Interchange Network.

      Oct 26, 2020

      iGraphic IDV

      Awareness Day

      On December 3rd we are highlighting our amazing team of volunteers on the International Day of Volunteers.

      Oct 20, 2020

      iGraphic 4000 children and young people brought together by Interchange programs

      4000 children brought together by Interchange

      Last year, over 4000 children and young people were brought together by Interchange programs across our Australian Network.

      Oct 06, 2020

      Young boy Down’s syndrome playing guitar with other children and teacher in the background

      Leading the Industry

      The Interchange Network has a long history of supporting families and volunteers, bringing providers together under a trailblazing brand with a commitment to shaking things up.

      Sep 30, 2020

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