Mental Health in the Disability Sector

Mental Health in the Disability Sector

Interchange Network commissioned an expert to develop a disability sector specific webinar to provide education and support for you and your communities on Mental Health in the Disability Sector.

This training is particularly topical, due to the increase in mental health needs and supports throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an increase in mental health issues and also mental-health related WorkCover claims have increased significantly during this period.

The session, Mental Health in the Disability Sector, will provide information on both identification and response and includes:

  • Introduction to common mental health problems
  • Protective / risk factors
  • Early warning signs you may notice in a persons’ behaviour or appearance
  • What to do if you think someone is experiencing mental health problems
  • What initial support can be provided until professional help is received
  • Online resources

The training has been condensed into a two-hour session to ensure maximum information in an easily accessible format.