Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce

This 2 hour online workshop explores key areas to consider at the organisational, team and individual level when building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

It is well-documented that diversity brings multiple benefits at a number of different levels for an organisation. Having a culturally diverse workforce attracts specific skills, knowledge and new perspectives, builds connection and trust with communities, and draws service users from CALD backgrounds. The NDIS Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Strategy 2018 highlights that having a diverse workforce is an effective strategy to help organisations respond to the needs of people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

To attract and retain CALD workers, organisations need to look beyond the traditional recruitment channels and consciously adopt targeted and flexible approaches as well as build supportive and inclusive workplaces.

Learning outcomes 

At completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the strengths and benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Identify some of the barriers faced by CALD people when applying for work
  • Recruit purposefully by considering your business needs, the skills and strengths you want to attract, and the needs of CALD communities
  • Identify a variety of recruitment strategies to attract CALD workers
  • Identify practices to support and retain CALD workers

Who is this for?

This workshop is designed for people that work in the area of human resources or are involved in recruitment practices.