Family Testimonials

Family Testimonials

“Over the 18 years we have been hosting Rhys, our families have cared for and supported each other which has made a real difference for all of us.  I know he calls me his ‘host mum’ but I no longer see it as hosting.  Rhys and his family are now an integral part of our lives and we thoroughly enjoy the time he spends with us.”
Jan and family, volunteers with the Interchange Host Program

“To me, Interchange is so much more than a support service, it is a way of life! Amazing volunteers, wonderful friends, many fantastic experiences and fun times plus the opportunity to have a regular break – that’s what Interchange has meant to both me and my daughter over the years.”
Sandra, Parent

“We wouldn’t cope as a family or as a couple without this (Interchange program). The usual care demands are enormous, this program makes a huge difference to our lives.”
Anonymous, Parent


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