Interchange founder, Maureen Crawford, featured in a national TV advert

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Interchange founder, Maureen Crawford, who won the Unsung Hero Award at the HESTA Community Sector Awards in 2015, has been featured in a HESTA television advert that will run on Channel 7 during the Australian Open.


The HESTA advert showcases the amazing work done by Maureen and the Interchange community and also features participants of the host volunteer program: Sheena, a 9-year old girl with Downs Syndrome, and Cindy, who has hosted Sheena for over four years.


Maureen founded Interchange in Victoria over 30 years ago when her son was diagnosed with severe intellectual disabilities, and the demands of caring from him become physically and emotionally overwhelming.


Today, Interchange provides family respite and social opportunities to thousands of children and young people with a disability in four states across Australia.


The 30-second advert will air on Channel 7 from Monday 18th January and will run throughout the Australian Open until 31st January. In addition, it will also run across all commercial channels in February. 


A 60-second advert and a 15-second advert have also been produced by HESTA as part of their online promotion of the campaign.


Our huge thanks to Maureen for sharing her personal story in the hope of raising community awareness and to Sheena and Cindy for their generous support of this project.


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