Interchange working on NDIS Business Case

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Volunteer Supported Services within the NDIS Framework

The Victorian Department of Health (HACC) has provided funding to Interchange Incorporated to develop an evidence-based business case that will define and describe the options for how a volunteer supported service model such as the Interchange Host Program can best be incorporated into the NDIS service model and funding framework.

The business case will clearly argue for the requirements to establish and maintain volunteer supported services, the benefits to all stakeholders including clients, families, communities and government, and make recommendations for recognition of these services within the NDIS Support Cluster Definitions and Pricing framework.

A project working group comprising senior managers from five agencies across metropolitan, regional and trial site areas has been established and a secondary level of input is being utilised on an as-needs basis.  Ongoing consultation is taking place with the Department of Health, Department of Human Services, and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).  Project completion date is end of July 2014.


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