Video clips

A series of video clips that showcase the wonderful volunteers, staff and families that make up the Interchange community:

Interested in working with Interchange? Meet Harley to find out more

Harley is a recreation worker with Interchange. He shares his satisfaction of working with children with disabilities, and offers advice to those considering working in the disability sector.

Interested in volunteering with Interchange? Meet Angie to find out more

Angie volunteers with the Interchange recreation program. She shares her motivation for volunteering, what she enjoys most from volunteering and offers advice to others thinking about volunteering.

Interested in accessing support from Interchange? Meet Denise to find out more

Densie is a parent of three teenage children with disabilities. She talks about the various Interchange programs her children participate in, the value of these programs to both her children and her family, and offers advice to those seeking support.

Interested in volunteering with Interchange? Meet Leanne and Denis to find out more

Leanne and Denis are long term volunteers with the Interchange host program and share their experiences of supporting children with disabilities in their own home. 17-year old Cole, who was hosted by Leanne and Denis for over eight years, talks of his strong bond with the couple.


Other media

Smooth FM radio advertisement 2014

Nova FM radio advertisement 2014

Interchange TV commercial 2013:

Maureen Crawford, Interchange founder, HESTA TV commercial 2016: